Make Friends Before You Need Them

I recently spoke at my alma mater (University of Wisconsin Law School) on job hunting tips and tactics. Although I speak frequently, my audience is usually lawyers, not students. While preparing the speech, I wanted to add some new tips that would be relevant to students. I then asked myself, if there was one thing I wish I had done differently while attending school in Madison, what would it be? It did not take me long to come up with the answer. Continue reading this post at Read More

Networking—It’s Not That Bad!

When coaching or speaking to lawyers about the importance of networking, the knee-jerk reaction of many is “you gotta be kidding me; I would rather take the bar exam again than network!” I was recently reminded of this mentality when one of my clients commented to me after two months of aggressively networking for a job, “it really doesn’t suck like I thought it would.” Continue reading this post at Read More

Marketing Malpractice Means Not Having a Website

I still meet some lawyers, especially solos, who insist they do not need a website. “I have more than enough business” is the common push back to any suggestion that they should have one. Well, they may have “enough business,” but there would definitely be more business with a web presence. Continue reading this post at Read More

Work the Room Comfortably at a Conference

Perhaps the most effective networking is a one-on-one setting over coffee or lunch. That is usually within most people’s comfort zone. But how comfortable are you when attending a conference with a room full of strangers. Can you “work the room” without breaking into a cold sweat? Continue reading this post at Read More

Legal Marketing is Better When You Say "Thank You"

When networking for business development or finding a job, you must know your value proposition. In other words, if you want to be hired as someone’s lawyer or employee, be prepared to convincingly state why you are different and better from the others being considered. For some, this is easier said than done. Eventually though, most are able refine their “story” in a compelling manner. Continue reading this post at Read More

Should I market differently in a down economy?

In this tough economy, perhaps the most frequently asked question I get from my business development coaching clients, as well as attendees at my marketing CLE’s is “Should I be doing anything differently now?” Continue reading this post at Read More

Good News for Lawyers: Your Competition Stinks!

Lawyers must market because the competition for business can be brutal in virtually all practice areas and localities. That is the bad news. The good news is that the vast majority of the competition stinks. Here are two stories to illustrate my point; both of them told to me by attendees at one of my recent CLEs. Both are general counsel at mid sized corporations. Continue reading this post at Read More

How Lawyers Should Ask For The Business

I participate in a variety of listservs and recently posted an answer about when lawyers “can ask for business” and not violate the solicitation rules. More importantly, I advised what a lawyer should say in an effort to get business. Continue reading this post at Read More
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