A Strategic Law Firm Is a Successful Law Firm

Many law firms dismiss the idea of strategic planning as old-school notions of working with high-priced consultants who have never practiced law, use fancy business jargon, and draft a report that gathers dust on the managing partner’s credenza.

Roy Ginsburg is working to change that through his tailored approach that truly serves the needs of law firms. He brings his coaching and legal practice experience to the table, which allows him to take a nuts-and-bolts approach to strategic planning. He will help you evaluate your firm’s past, present and future, and then help you develop actionable steps to put your vision into action.

How Strategic Planning Benefits Law Firms

Strategic planning keeps you focused on both the short-term and long-term goals of your law firm. A carefully crafted strategic plan provides your law firm with a roadmap to follow no matter what challenges or new situations arise and sets up your firm for greater success.

Roy’s Strategic Approach to Strategic Planning

Roy has honed his process of creating successful strategic plans for law firms. He follows a clear path that includes the following steps:

  • Assessing your firm’s current status, internally (e.g., current leadership, firm culture, marketing, operations, compensation) and externally (e.g., competitors, clients, potential markets, emerging trends, economic factors, market threats)
  • Identifying the key issues to tackle
  • Creating an action plan to address the key issues

The Value of Hiring an Outside Consultant

While it is possible to create a strategic plan on your own, bringing on an outside consultant such as Roy offers many benefits. In particular, an outside consultant can:

  • Keep you on topic and on track
  • Provide an objective view of your law firm
  • Offer new insights and ideas
  • Avoid the entanglement of firm politics

Do not let vested interests pull your law firm in the wrong direction while creating a strategic plan. Work with Roy to ensure that an objective, independent voice runs the process.

Ensure Your Law Firm’s Long-Term Success

Discuss law firm strategic planning with lawyer coach Roy Ginsburg. He works with law firms nationwide and can identify the next steps your law firm needs to take. Call him today at (612) 524-5837 or contact Roy by email.