Succession Planning for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms

Many small and mid-sized law firms today are facing the very real necessity of determining how to manage their firms for the eventual retirement of their Baby Boomer partners. If your firm is facing this reality, do you have the plans and structures in place to maintain your law firm's success in the future?

Be Ready When Your Rainmakers and Leaders Step Down

Do not sit idly by if you know that one or more of your senior leaders and rainmakers may leave you in the near future. No one can practice law forever. Take action now to put in place a strong succession plan that protects your law firm while keeping your clients’ needs in mind. If you do not know what your plan is, now is the time to work with Roy Ginsburg. He has more than 30 years of experience practicing law and more than 10 years of coaching and consulting experience.

Succession Planning Ensures Continuity

Succession planning for law firms has two critical goals: ensuring the continued representation of the firm’s best clients and maintaining effective firm leadership.

  • Client retention planning requires far more attention than many firms realize. It includes more than just identifying where each client file goes after a lawyer leaves. It entails creating a process that replicates the “comfort and chemistry” developed between the exiting lawyer and the client with other lawyers at your firm. It also provides a mechanism to ensure that the firm's remaining lawyers have the necessary skills to serve the client. In short, you need a plan to ensure that these clients know that you value them and want them to stay.
  • Leadership planning is more than convincing a reluctant and hesitant partner to take over the reins. It involves developing a process that makes sure you have identified the right leader or leaders to step in and develop a plan to best transition governing responsibilities.

Creating Succession Plans That Focus on Success

Attorney Roy Ginsburg has the knowledge of the profession from both a practicing and coaching standpoint that allows him to provide his law firm clients with the insight they need to create successful succession plans.

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