Meet Paul Floyd and Pete Peterson

Oftentimes the strategic planning process requires more hands-on work. When the scope of a project is such that it would benefit from the experienced guidance of additional professionals, Roy Ginsburg calls on trusted professionals such as Paul Floyd and Stephen Peterson.

Paul Floyd, Esq.

bio_paulPaul Floyd is known as a “Lawyer’s Lawyer.” He has more than 30 years of experience working as a lawyer on behalf of lawyers and other professionals. He has made his career by advising lawyers on various aspects of their practices. His counsel includes assisting lawyers when departing from law firms, looking to start law firms or helping lawyers pick up the pieces after a firm dissolution.

In addition to his active practice, Paul teaches Business Plans and Entrepreneurship related courses in the MBA program at Bethel University.

Stephen M. (Pete) Peterson, CPA

bio_stephenStephen M. (Pete) Peterson is the CEO of the accounting and business advisory firm Maxfield Peterson and is the Managing Director of the Firm’s specialty practice, the Law Firm Business Institute. He counsels firms on strategy, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, compensation, firm governance, finance, and profitability.

Before starting his own business, Pete was the Chief Operating Officer for Hildebrandt International, as well as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration for 2 large law firms. He has worked in the legal services sector since 1987.

Pete is an adjunct professor at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law in the Master of Science in Legal Administration program. He is also on the Board of Editors for the publication, Accounting and Financial Planning for Law Firms. In 2008, Pete was inducted as a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management. Pete is a frequent speaker at legal industry conferences.