Planning for Success

Is your law firm positioned for success?

Ask yourself these questions. Is your client base diversified enough? Are you practicing in the right areas? Do you have a plan for handling the retirement of key players? Are your marketing efforts actually working? Are you charging the right billable rates? If you cannot answer confidently, you need a strategic plan.

Position Your Law Firm for Success

To position your law firm for true success, you must think and act strategically. Roy Ginsburg can help.

Strategically Planning for Success

Roy has more than 10 years of law firm coaching experience that he can put to work for your firm. Specifically, he can assist you with:

  • Law firm strategic planning: Strategic planning is a tool that provides a framework to achieve a law firm's goals for the future. Small and medium-sized law firms can use the process to increase business, obtain better clients and enhance profitability. Roy will help you create and implement a strategic plan that will lead your firm to greater success.
  • Law firm succession planning: Law firms of any size must plan for the eventual loss of one or more key players in the firm, whether that’s due to a lawyer’s retirement or decision to leave private practice altogether. Roy can help you identify what needs to be in place to create a smooth transition.

Do Not React to the Market—Plan For It!

Law firms are notorious for their inability to plan for the future. They often put off planning, and then find themselves struggling to react to the market or personnel losses. Roy can help you move to a proactive approach, which will position your firm for greater success.

Create the Right Strategic or Succession Plan

Put Roy’s experience both as a practicing lawyer and as an attorney coach to work for you. Over the years, Roy has honed his strategic planning services in a way that makes the process manageable and accessible for small and mid-sized law firms alike. He will walk with you each step of the way, guiding and giving you experienced advice and counsel.

Get on the right path for success. Roy will help you create the right strategic plan and/or succession plan to bring your law firm to the next level. Call Roy today at (612) 524-5837 or contact him via email.

Roy greatly assisted our firm to face its future and confront current problems. We appreciated his good counsel, responsiveness and availability to “coach.”" Read the rest
– Partner, mid-sized Phoenix AZ, law firm

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