Succession & Strategic Planning Services for Law Firms

Is your law firm weathering the storm brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic? Once this is over—and it will be over—will your firm still be standing?

There’s no denying that the new normal we’re facing is unlike most other crises we’ve faced in our lifetimes.

Well, as Winston Churchill once remarked, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Now’s the time for you to take a close look at your law firm. Now’s the time to create a roadmap of long-term strategies that ensures your firm weathers any future storm that comes your way.

People Will Always Need Lawyers. Will You Be There for Them?

The demand for lawyers is not going to disappear. While some practice areas may be a little quiet and others may take massive hits, many more will see an increase in demand.

Strategic planning is all about assessing resources and prioritizing needs. This is true during calm times and during times of upheaval. So whether your firm is seeing an influx of cases or not, you’ll want to start the deep—and sometimes hard—conversations that lead to some of the most successful strategic plans.

Unsure of where to start? Perhaps start by answering these questions:

  • What happens when your biggest rainmakers retire?
  • Should you keep offering services in an unprofitable or barely profitable practice area?
  • Does your compensation system offer enough incentives to retain your best lawyers?
  • Is your client base diversified enough?
  • Are your marketing efforts actually working?
  • Are you charging the right billable rates?

Prepare Your Strategic Plan and Succession Plan With Roy Ginsburg

Roy Ginsburg is a seasoned attorney and law firm strategist. He has more than 15 years of law firm coaching experience that he can put to work for your firm. Specifically, he can assist you with:

  • Law firm strategic planning: Strategic planning provides a framework to achieve a law firm's goals for the future. Small and medium-sized law firms can use the process to increase business, obtain better clients and enhance profitability. Roy will help you create and implement a strategic plan that will lead your firm to greater success.
  • Law firm succession planning: Law firms of any size must plan for the eventual loss of one or more key players, whether that’s due to a lawyer’s retirement or decision to leave private practice altogether. Roy can help you identify what needs to be in place to create a smooth transition.

Over the years, Roy has honed his services in a way that makes the process manageable and accessible for small and mid-sized law firms alike.

Need a New or Updated Strategic Plan to Better Position Your Firm for Success?

Make sure your law firm is on the right path to success. Roy will help you create the right strategic plan and/or succession plan to bring your law firm to the next level. Call him today at 612-524-5837 or contact him via email.