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Fearing Retirement? Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Last month, I went out to dinner with some friends. One friend announced to the group that,  after working for a large telecommunications company for more than 25 years, he was being offered an opportunity to retire early with some very nice incentives. He further informed us that he had intended to retire within the next year. So, the offer was not going to change his planned retirement date in any significant manner.  ... Read More
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The Flaws of the "Recruit Your Successor" Exit Strategy

One retirement exit strategy often considered by solo practitioners is the “recruit your successor” one. The idea behind this strategy is to find a young, inexperienced lawyer who is then groomed to take over the practice. During the initial stage of the transition (usually one or two years), the seller and buyer get to know one another. If the fit seems good, the parties then negotiate a “buy out” going forward (usually another one to three years). Continue reading this post at www.lawyerist.com Read More
I work at a large law firm and hired Roy to help me plan out my final 5-10 years in practice before retiring. What I appreciated most about Roy was 1) his deep knowledge of what it is REALLY like to practice law; 2) his practical guidance…Roy offer…" Read the rest
– Partner, large Minneapolis, MN, law firm

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